We are a tattoo shop in the heart of Stockholm. We first opened our doors in 2005. Over the years a long line of tattooers have been knocking out amazing work within these walls, cementing the name Swahili Bob’s in the tattoo history of Sweden.

Since the summer of 2021 we are a new crew of tattooers in the shop so it was time to launch a new website and present ourselves to the world again. We speak Swedish, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Mandarin and Italian. 

The reputation of Swahili Bob’s has been shaped as mainly an old school street shop, doing American traditional style tattoos. However we offer and perform all kinds of tattoos, from geometric to tribal to realism and traditional Japanese. We also host guest tattooers who typically are specialised and focused in their own niche of tattooing. All to ensure that our clients can find whatever they are looking for and also be introduced to styles of tattooing they perhaps did not know they would love.  

The best way to get a sense of our work as tattooers is to look around on this site in the various galleries or to go directly to our individual instagram profiles for a deep dive. Of course you are also very welcome to swing by the shop, dive into our portfolios and talk to us directly.

We try our best to offer the chance for walk-ins tattoos every day. That is: you show up with you idea or reference picture ready and we tattoo you right away or within an hour or two during the same day. The tides of tattooing ebbs and flows however, so some days we are extra busy with lots of clients and we will instead ask to book you in for a later date. 

For bigger projects, larger than the size of a hand we prefer that you come in for a consultation so we can have time to plan together, sketch and prepare your tattoo design in the best way possible. 



Monday to Saturday 12 – 18

Call us during our opening hours:

08 – 33 53 10

You can also reach us through e-mail: